Jeffersonville #468

Jeffersonville Lodge No. 468

Stated Meetings:
Second and Fourth Tuesday
Jan-Jun/Sep-Dec @7:30 PM
23 S Main St

Jeffersonville, OH 43128
Chartered October 22nd 1873
A Dispensation for a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, to be known as Jeffersonville Lodge, was granted be the Grand Lodge of Ohio on December 5, 1872.  The Lodge was organized January 31, 1873 by Colonel Conrad Garst, Worshipful Master of Fayette Lodge #107 in Washington C.H. The twenty-one petitioners had been recommended and vouched for by Fayette Lodge #107, Jamestown Lodge #352 and Chandler Lodge #138 of London, Ohio.The time of each meeting was set to be on the first Friday on or after the full moon in each month at 6:30PM.  It was changed to the second and fourth Tuesday of each month on June 28, 1990 and has continued to the present day.
On January 14, 1995, the Lodge voted to build a new Temple for Jeffersonville Lodge.  The building was completed in 1999.
In March 1998, Lenore Lodge #512 of Sedalia, Ohio consolidated with Jeffersonville Lodge.  59 of the 99 members joined Jeffersonville Lodge, bringing the total number of members to 189.  Jeffersonville Lodge now has over 200 members.
At this writing, the current Master of Jeffersonville Lodge #468 was WB Robin King.
More History…
Jeffersonville Lodge No. 468, Free and Accepted Masons, was organized January 31, 1873, Col. C. Garris, of Washington C. H. The charter members were Mills Gardner, P. F. Johnson, James Straley, L. A. Elister,E. H. Bendle, Horney Robinson, J. C. Morris, William Wood, W. ]. Horney, George Miller, Asberry Moon. J. W. Roebuck, W. F. Roebuck, G. L. Bush and Urban Hidv. Of the present history of this lodge it may be stated that the records show that the present officers are: A. A. Allen, worshipful master; W. O. King, senior warden; L. A. Kessler, junior warden; M. E. Wilson, secretary; F. A. Chaney, senior deacon; S. C. Morrow, junior deacon; C. R. Marshall, chaplain; G. H. Brock, master of ceremonies; J. C. Todd, tyler. The membership of this lodge is ninety-eight. The blue lodge is the only degree of Freemasonry here represented.
Jeffersonville Lodge, No. 468, F. it A. M., was organized, January 31, 1873, by Col. C. Garris, of Washington, C. II. Charter members : Mills Gardner, P. F. Johnson, James Straley, L. A. Elster, E. H. Bendle, Horney Robinson, J. C. Morris, William Wood, W. J. Horney, George Miller, Asberry Moon, J. W. Roebuck, W. F. Roebuck, G. L. Bush, and Urban Hidy. The first officers were as follows: Mills Gardner, W. M.; P. F. Johnson, S. W.; James Straley, J. W.; P. J. Popejoy, secretary. From the organization until 187o Mills Gardner held the office of W. M., when he was succeeded by L. A. Elster, who continued until 1878, being followed by J. W. Roebuck, who served in this capacity until 1880.
Present officers: L. A. Elster, W. M.; J. T. Lott, S. W.; J. W. Horney, J. W.; W. C. Rickards, secretary; J. B. Fent, treasurer; J. W. Roebuck, 8. P.; J. W. Howard, J. D.; J. F. McKillip, tyler; James Straley and W. J. Horney, stewards.
List of Master Masons belonging to this lodge: W. W. Allen, Abel Armstrong, E. H. Bendle, 6. L. Bush, O. V. Creamer, J. R. Conner, James Dobbins, L. A. Elster, J. B. Fent, C. W. Gray, Urban Hidy, J. W. Horney, W. J. Horney, John Hieronimus, J. W. Howard, J.-W. Jones, J..T. Lott, George Miller, Asberry Moon, C. R. Marshall, J. F. McKillip, J. W. Roebuck, W. F. Roebuck, Horney Robinson, W. C. Rickards, James Straley, J. L. Straley, William Wood, David Creamer, Charles B. Coc, George A. Gaskill,and J. N. Vates.

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