Cedarville #622

Cedarville Lodge No. 622
Celebrating 100 years!

Stated Meetings:
Third Thursday
Jan-Jun/Sep-Dec @7:30 PM
223 Corwin Avenue
Xenia OH, 45385
Chartered October 23, 1913
Cedarville Lodge #622 was chartered October 23, 1913.  The first Lodge room was on the 2nd floor of the Barber building over the town pool hall.  Cedarville moved to its own building in 1937 at 93 N. Main St.  The first meeting in the new Lodge building was April 15, 1937.  On December 4, 1970, WB “Chick” Dyas presented the Lodge with a hand made alter whick took him 3 years to build.  The beautiful alter has been present at Grand Lodge for many installations.  In 2006, Cedarville had the honor of having one of its members, WB James M. Williamson elected as Grand Master of Ohio Masons.  Cedarville opened Grand Lodge for MWB Williamson which was a great honor for Cedarville #622.  In September 2007, Cedarville began meeting at the Xenia Masonic Temple.  The move was to help ensure the future of Cedarville #622.
More History…
Cedarville Lodge No. 622, Free and Accepted Masons, the youngest Masonic lodge in the county, was chartered on October 23, 1913, with Charles Gilbert as the first worshipful master. The lodge already has an active membership of thirty-seven. At the time of its last report for the year 1918, it reported three of its members in the service of the United States in some branch of the military service, Birdsell Creswell, J. Herman Randall and John N. Townsley. The past masters of the lodge have been Charles Gilbert, C. W. Mott, D. B. McElwain and Ralph Wolford. The officers for 1918 are as follow: Lee Anderson, shipful master; L. H. Sullenberger, senior warden; A. E. Richards, junkj warden; D. B. McElwain, treasurer; L. D. Parker, secretary; Charles Graham, senior deacon; J. E. Post, junior deacon; Hugh M. Stormont, tyler; C. W. Mott, W. L. Clemans, and J. W. Radabaugh, trustees.

On October 24, 1895…New Burlington Lodge No. 574

The town of New Burlington was growing so several Brethren who were members of other Masonic Lodges got together pondering on why they couldn’t start a Masonic Lodge in their own town.  Most of those Brethren were members of Harveysburg Lodge #312, so on November 10, 1894 they all attended the meeting and signed a petition in order to get a Dispensation to start a Lodge in New Burlington.  The minutes of the meeting in Harveysburg Lodge show a petition was signed by Lewis Smith, Marion Colvin, O.F. Collett, T.C. Haydock, Benjamin Farquer, S.D. Chancellor, F.S. Colvin, Henry Miller, and Frank Jenkins (all from Harveysburg), Phillip Trout of Clarksville #323, S.G. Sewell of Xenia #49, and Issac Evans of Waynesville #163.   After many meetings and complying with the rules and edicts of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, the charter was granted on October 24, 1895.  The first Lodge meeting place was the old school house built in 1835 which was used for 59 years.  In August 1954, the Brethren purchased the newer school house which had replaced the previous school and met there until 1971 when New Burlington was flooded to create Caesar Creek Lake.  Their new Lodge, the current building in Spring Valley, was built by the hard work of the Brethren of New Burlington Lodge.

More History…

New Burlington Lodge No. 574, Free and Accepted Masons, was chartered on October 24, 1895, with G. Marion Colvin as the first worshipful master. The lodge has enjoyed a steady growth during the twenty-three years of its existence and now has a membership of sixty-eight. The past masters of the lodge are G. Marion Colvin, S. D. Chancellor, Frank S. Colvin, Harry B. Reeves, Charles E. Harrison, Joel Allen Fletcher, Welden N. McKay, Trevor C. Haydock, Burwell H. Miller, Clarence H. McKay and William A. Sayers. The officers for 1918 include the following: Robert D. Collett, worshipful master; Emanuel M. Copsey, senior warden; Homer J. Lundy, junior warden; Welden N. McKay, treasurer; Burwell H. Miller, secretary; Orville C. Colvin, senior deacon; Byron L. Adams, junior deacon; George A. Phillips, tyler; Charles H. Dill, senior steward; John W. Powell, junior steward; Thomas C. Haydock, Ellis W. Bradstreet and Trever C. Haydock, trustees.

New Burlington Lodge #574 has now merged with Cedarville Lodge #622 and now located at the Xenia Masonic Temple in Xenia, Ohio.


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