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 How to Join
Is it your desire to join the ranks of men, both great and small, who are proud to share in the Masonic tradition of service and excellence?
Freemasons come from all walks of life, each serving his community in his own way. Members of the uniformed services, like policemen, firemen, the EMS, and our military personnel meet together as equals with civilians, regardless of rank or distinction. They join together in fraternal fellowship to improve themselves and their communities.
If you do desire to join a Masonic Lodge and share in the fraternal fellowship that abounds there, you will need to determine which Lodge is nearest you, contact the secretary of that Lodge for information regarding the fees for application, and arrange to meet with two members of the Lodge, who will consider recommending you for membership in the Lodge.
To find your nearest Masonic Lodge, click on the Lodge Locator. More Info here…

Excellence in Youth Award
PURPOSE: To recognize excellence and leadership in members of the three Masonic youth groups – The Order of DeMolay, International Order of Job’s Daughters and the International Order of The Rainbow for Girls.

SELECTION: Each Lodge will have the opportunity to nominate up to three youth leaders (a DeMolay, a Job’s Daughter, and a Rainbow) from local Masonic youth groups. Each District will have a maximum of three awards allotted for presentation, one for each organization represented in the District.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION: Although the award is intended to recognize outstanding service to, and leadership in our youth programs, nominees should also show active participation and leadership in school and community activities. The award is intended to encourage recipients to maintain their interest and participation in the youth groups, and ultimately in adult Masonic bodies. The recipients must be of at least high school age, but no older than 19.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: The District Deputy Grand Masters will coordinate this program in their respective Districts. Nomination forms are available on the Grand Lodges web site. Completed forms will be returned to the Deputies no fewer than four weeks before the District’s Grand Master’s reception. Final selection of each District recipient will be the responsibility of the District Deputy Grand Masters.

Scholarship Application and Information for Individuals
Through the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation, the Masons of Ohio award two scholarships to deserving high school seniors in each of Ohio’s 25 Districts, selected by the District’s Scholarship Committee, based on criteria set by the Grand Lodge Scholarship Committee.
General information about the scholarships and student eligibility: Two $1200 scholarships will be granted in each of the 25 Masonic Districts – one to a male student and one to a female student.

  • All recipients must be graduating high school seniors.
  • Each scholarship will be sent directly to the recipient.
  • All applicants must first complete a 2021-22 FAFSA form and know your Expected Family Contribution (ECF)
  • Scholarship applications must be received by the District Scholarship Committee by March 1 of each year
  • Only recipients will be notified. Non-Recipients will not be notified.
  • Recipients will be notified by May 1 of each year. 

Complete the Scholarship Application and submit it to the Scholarship Chairman for your county / district.

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