Happy 2021 Brethren!
Welcome to a Great Masonic Year!

Brethren, all Stated Meetings are important for your Lodge and need to be held. Stated meetings cannot be cancelled per Ohio Masonic Code. Guidelines have been set forth and need to be followed per Edict 2021-4 Return of Limited In-Person Meetings (Click me). Virtual Meetings when permissible by this Edict are highly encouraged during this time. In all cases CDC, State and Local Pandemic Protocols must be followed.

Other Stated/Special meeting information can be found in this Edict 2021-4 that include Stated and Special Meetings, Virtual Education Meetings, Election of Officers, Lodge Officer Installations, Lodge Inspections, and Master Mason Degrees.

Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to Lucas Burroughs of the $500 scholarship from the 8th Masonic District. Presented by RWB Cheyenne Duggins.
COVID-19 Devastating! But did you know:
Freemasonry in Troubled Times

The Four Candles an inspiration of who we are…

Robert Earl Duvall
Past Master 2009-Clarksville Lodge No. 323
100 Years old! – WW2 Veteran, Bronze Star Recipient 
Wilmington Lodge 52 and Dalton Lodge 50 raised candidates to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on Saturday September 28th in a barn raising ceremony. Brothers from across the 8th District along with visiting brothers from the 6th District all took part in the degree for the candidates.

 A Special Tribute of pictures from the Brethren
of the 8th Masonic District

We’ve been too quiet about our fraternity!

Every Brother needs to become a spokesman for Freemasonry. It’s important to talk with non-Masons about who we are and what we do.
Seventy-six percent of new Masons joined because it is tradition in their family, someone they respected was a Mason or their friends or co-workers are Masons. A Brother who knows of a man that he feels would make a good Mason should talk to him about our fraternity.

Help ensure the future of our great fraternity and your lodge…
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aIMG_8965Past and current District Deputy Grand Masters and Past and current District Education Officers in attendance at this wonderful DEO Installation for WB Tom Jenkins (left front row). What an historic picture!!!     Pictures