Grand Master Douglas N. Kaylor has announced that each of the twenty five Masonic Districts in Ohio will hold a Grand Master’s Class on Saturday, March 25.  Petitions and investigations are to be handled in accordance with the usual rules as found in the Grand Lodge Code of Masonic Law. Refer to the Edicts that were sent out to all Lodges.

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Any Brothers proposing a candidate for the Grand Master’s Class should be sure that the individual is available on March 25 and on June 24, which will be the tercentennial celebration of Modern Freemasonry, which all Grand Master’s Class candidates will be expected to attend.

Candidates will be able to complete their degree work or to receive all three degrees of Symbolic Masonry at the Grand Master’s Classes.  Lodges are strongly encouraged, when possible, to begin a candidate’s Masonic journey prior to the Grand Master’s Class by, at least, initiating him as an Entered Apprentices is their home lodges.

One Day Class 8th District

I would like to give an update on the One Day Class to be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017, at the Fairborn Masonic Temple (MAP). One Day Class Pancake Breakfast starts at 7:30am. There has been some confusion concerning the cutoff date for candidates. RWB Cottrill and I need a list of the candidates no later than March 5, 2017 in order to turn them in to Grand Lodge. This is to insure that there are enough supplies for the candidates on the degree date. In order for them to participate a candidate must have turned in his petition, been investigated and voted on by March 5, 2017. Lodge secretaries need  be entering this information into MORI just as soon as possible. There possibly may be some lead way for candidates already in the system to still participate if we are notified of their intent after the cutoff date. However, no candidate can walk in unannounced on the day of the Grand Masters Class and expect to participate. You still have approximately a week to reach out to  these brethren and offer them the opportunity to complete their work. Again, please get a list of candidates to us ASAP. Any questions, please feel free to contact me at (937) 477-9976 or skipvanderhorst@gmail.com

Thank you,
Skip Vanderhorst
District Deputy Grand Master
Eighth Masonic District

What does the New One Day Candidate Need?

Your candidate will need the following:

  • A completed petition, investigated, voted on and entered into the MORI system before 5 March.
  • A Bible and Apron supplied by the Lodge.
  • An assigned Master Craftsman for the candidate. If one cannot be provided one will be appointed to assist the new One Day Candidate.
  • The Grand Lodge will provide the candidate a Square and Compasses to include Bible markers.
  • The One Day Class is on March 25, 8 AM at Fairborn Lodge. One Day Class Pancake Breakfast starts at 7:30am (MAP)
  • Try to get in contact with all your candidates that have not completed the Master Mason degree, to see if they would be interested in completing at this one-day class .Please let RWB Skip Vanderhorst or RWB Randy Cotrill know as soon as possible the names of your candidates and Master Craftsman so we can make sure that we have enough meals for everyone.

Inspection Season 2017

Need a Petition, Excellence in Youth Program, or information about the 8th District Scholarship Program. Then go here…your “Document Library“.
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A Special Tribute of pictures from the Brethren of the 8th Masonic District.

Grand Masters Reception 2017    More Pictures


Who got Roasted in 2016! RWB Tim Driscoll and WB Terry Tobin
with Ladies Julie and Susie.

Installation Ceremony – Heber Lodge No. 501 – Congrats RWB Randy Cottrill!
loweinstall006-copy-640x289DEO Installation Ceremony – Jamestown Lodge No. 352 – Congrats WB Tom Lowe! Grand Lodge 2016
The 8th Masonic District welcomes our newly elected
Junior Grand Warden, RWB Keith Newton, and his Lady Sharon. Pictures
New Officers commissioned and appointed! (LtoR)
WB Tom Lowe (New Guy) DEO; RWB Skip Vanderhorst, DDGM;
RWB Randy Contrill (New Guy), DDGM; WB Tom Jenkins, DEO.
Congratulations to all Grand Lodge Officers of Ohio and the 8th Masonic District.

aIMG_8965Past and current District Deputy Grand Masters and Past and current District Education Officers in attendance at this wonderful DEO Installation for WB Tom Jenkins (left front row). What an historic picture!!!     Pictures