Inspection Season 2017

Need a Petition, Excellence in Youth Program, or information about the 8th District Scholarship Program. Then go here…your “Document Library“. Link to the right too. 

A Special Tribute of pictures from the Brethren of the 8th Masonic District.Who got Roasted in 2016! RWB Tim Driscoll and WB Terry Tobin with Ladies Julie and Susie.  Picturesddgm02bDDGM Installation Ceremony – Heber Lodge No. 501 – Congrats RWB Randy Cottrill!
loweinstall006-copy-640x289DEO Installation Ceremony – Jamestown Lodge No. 352 – Congrats WB Tom Lowe!Grand Lodge 2016
The 8th Masonic District welcomes our newly elected
Junior Grand Warden, RWB Keith Newton, and his Lady Sharon. Pictures
New Officers commissioned and appointed! (LtoR)
WB Tom Lowe (New Guy) DEO; RWB Skip Vanderhorst, DDGM;
RWB Randy Contrill (New Guy), DDGM; WB Tom Jenkins, DEO.
Congratulations to all Grand Lodge Officers of Ohio and the 8th Masonic District.

“Sarah Smith” Winner for the Excellence in Youth Award!
Brother & Mrs. John Smith Attending.     Pictures
The Smith's


WB Tom Jenkins DEO Installation Wilmington Lodge November 2015
aIMG_8965Past and current District Deputy Grand Masters and Past and current District Education Officers in attendance at this wonderful DEO Installation for WB Tom Jenkins (left front row). What an historic picture!!!     Pictures